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QBO Payroll Pricing Changes April 2021

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You may have recently received an email directly from QBO notifying you that QuickBooks payroll will no longer be included free in your QuickBooks subscription.

We wanted to let you know that this change in QuickBooks payroll pricing will take effect from 1 April 2021.

Below is a small infographic to outline the changes coming…

Free payroll inclusions are ending
QuickBooks are no longer supporting free QuickBooks Payroll powered by KeyPay in your QuickBooks plans. Starting 1 April, you will need to pay an additional cost of $5.00/month for every employee you pay each month.

When does the new payroll pricing take effect?

The new payroll pricing takes effect from 1 April 2021. There are no changes to how you currently use payroll.

Why is this change happening?

QBO advise this change will allow them to continue to invest in new features that will mean less admin for you and those who may process payroll for you. 

How many pay runs are included in fees for each employee paid?

There are unlimited pay runs per employee paid each month.

How will the change in billing work?

Your QuickBooks bill for unique employees paid per month will be paid retrospectively based on how many employees you paid in the last month, while the Advanced Payroll monthly fee will be billed in advance for the next month ahead.

For Standard Payroll, on any given bill you will be charged for the number of unique employees paid  in the last month.

For Advanced Payroll, on any given bill you will be charged for the subscription monthly fee for the next month and also charged for the number of unique employees paid in the last month.

What is QuickBooks Payroll Advanced?
QuickBooks Payroll Advanced plan offers more flexibility and functionality to help you keep up with more complex payroll demands. To access Advanced payroll functions you will need to pay an additional cost of $10.00/month, this is per subscription fee not a per employee fee.
You will have access to all Standard Payroll functions plus additional functions only available with a Payroll Advanced subscription.

Will I still receive KeyPay bills?

If you previously received KeyPay bills, soon you’ll receive one bill every month that includes both your QuickBooks subscription fee and your payroll usage fees. No more KeyPay bills or KeyPay payments—just one simple bill from QuickBooks.

I’m on a discounted QuickBooks subscription, will my payroll pricing change?

The payroll pricing of all existing QuickBooks subscriptions are affected by the 1 April payroll price changes. In all existing QuickBooks subscriptions, whether discounted or not, the payroll pricing is subject to change.

You can upgrade or downgrade your QuickBooks Online subscriptions at any time. Simply visit the Billing and Subscription section of your account to view or change your plan.

QuickBooks value promise
QuickBooks are confident they still provide outstanding value accounting and payroll tools in Australia. Here are offerings by their closest competitors if you’d like to compare solutions: Xero  |  MYOB

All pricing is in AUD and includes GST

What this means is that the April 2021 invoice for your QuickBooks Subscription will reflect the new pricing taking effect from 1 April 2021

If you have any questions about QuickBooks’ price increase please don’t hesitate to contact me on 0404 609 474.

Or form more information directly from QuickBooks regarding the 1 April 2021 pricing changes please click here to [find out more]

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